1. Heading to GDC!

    We will be cruising to San Francisco next week to attend this year’s GDC! We are locked and loaded and totally ready to meet tons of wonderful people and to pimp out our freshest title — Nova-111.

    Also, we’ll be showing off our game at MIX on Tuesday (March 17), so please stop by and say hello if you are around!

    And if you are press/media and are curious to have a look at our game, feel free to email us at press@funktroniclabs.com to setup a time.

    Looking forward to seeing y’all there. And stay tuned for some fun photos!

  2. PechaKucha 20x20 - Funktronic Labs

  3. How Japan Inspires Great Apps and Musical Experiments


    With one of the largest Leap Motion communities on the planet, Japan is an incredible source of 3D interactive creations. A photo hackathon of epic proportions. Three unique web apps. Two Airspace experiments from game designer Eddie Lee. A Leap Motion-driven industrial album and biometric…

  4. Bitsummit 2014 - The Aftermath


    Wild were the days and sleepless were the nights, but now that the hype of Bitsummit has come to an end, we must once again return to our normal civilian lives. Yet before we begin, we must first say that from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all of our friends (and family) who came to support our booth. We definitely couldn’t have done this without all of you Funkonauts! 


    The event was simply unbelievable, and instantly made Bitsummit the most relevant indie game festival in all of Japan. The event showcased over 110+ games. Some were weird, some were silly, some were beautiful, and some were simply amazing.

    This year’s Bitsummit was the first public showing of our #gamedev brain-baby — Nova-111. The response from media and fans has been ultra positive and honestly a bit overwhelming, as we sincerely did not expect people to be so hyped about our “early” demo, but they were, and that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Here are some articles published about Nova-111 during Bitsummit:

    Beyond media interweb jabber, we were also the runner-up on for a Game Design award! And our funky friends at Winning Blimp won the Sound Design award for Stratolith, and our cosmic homies at Vitei won the Grand Jury award for Modern Zombie Taxi, so we’re totally raising the roof in yall’s general direction! Definitely well-deserved!

    Next week we will be landing our mothership onto San Francisco for GDC, where we will be showing our game at the MIX, among other places, so stay tuned for more hypeventures. We are truly excited for the future. Life sure is beautiful.

    Love and cheers.


  5. To celebrating the upcoming Bitsummit indie games festival happening next week in Kyoto, we made a little audiovisual projection mapping onto a Torii.

    We’re definitely excited to see all the amazing games at Bitsummit, and if you are planning to attend, please make sure to stop by our booth to play our freshest game -  Nova-111!

  6. Post-Announcement Thoughts


    Nova-111 was only announced three days ago and we’ve already received an overwhelming amount of press coverage:

    Seeing so many people react so positively to our game has really made us all deeply happy.  You see, announcing or releasing any kind of work to the public eye is always extremely frightening because you leave yourself very open to public judgement and it puts you in a very emotionally vulnerable state. We do think our game idea is cool and we want to show the world that this is what we are about, but what happens if nobody cares? What if it just simply gets lost in void?

    We spend months in the dark, developing and coding, with the belief that, when the product is released, people will like it enough so that we can continue to do what we love doing, which is making games! And during the past few days, we have witnessed such a positive reception, and it has definitely given us hope and the confidence to continue. So, thank you all!

    - Eddie

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  8. For the past few months, we have been working tirelessly on a new game that we believe to be an unique take on turn-based games. And today, we are super excited to announce our spankin’ fresh new title: Nova-111

    Nova-111 is a sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with a twist of real-time action. We strongly trust in the strategic fun that turn-based games provide and wanted to reinvigorate the genre by spicing up the gameplay with some real-time elements.

    We deeply believe that we have something special here, and if you believe, we will achieve. Thank you!

    More info: nova111.com (日本語)

  9. Our Indie Dev Space In Kyoto


    Today we share with you some funky fresh pictures of the Funktronic Labs office in Kyoto, Japan. It is at these exact coordinates where the moon and the stars align and where all the magic unfurls.

    But the goal of the space isn’t just to be solely a place for our internal Funktronic projects, but more of a welcoming space for other indie devs in Kyoto to hang out and work on cool projects of their own, in a positive atmosphere. It’s always great vibes to have everyone working on cool stuff in a shared space, and we can all feed off each other’s positive energy and bounce ideas off one another like pinballs.


    It’s nice to see everyone’s game progressing, and to observe an idea born from conception to actualization is what makes the whole experience of gamedev so magical.

    Chatting about game design with others and helping each other solve difficult technical problems makes it easier for everyone to keep their momentum going on their own projects. Also, working with others in a communal space is good way to stave off your brain from spiraling into obscurity, especially when working alone from home too long.

    This is what happens when you work alone (Sagar going “indie”):


    And this is what happens when you share a dev space (Sagar working on Frequency Domain):


    Wow, what a pleasant surprise visit from our friend Baiyon, just dropping by to say hello… IN CYBERSPACE:


    kalin, #gamedev futurisitic, Oculus rifting before cruisin’ to Taiwan:


    The workspace is mad cozy and has some great facilities:





    Well, BitSummit, Kyoto’s 2nd Annual Indie Game Festival, is in a few weeks and the excitement levels are through the roof! Everyone is mega-stoked to see all the indie game projects from all the other amazing devs in Japan! We are especially excited for PAVILION, Stratolith and Galak-Z.

    And shout-out to the ever-growing Kyoto Indie Meetup group, which gets progressively more awesome every month. Everyone is welcome!

    And if you are in the Kyoto area, definitely feel free to drop us a line to hang out and take some chill pills with us in our space.


    Stay funky, my friends. 

    - Eddie

  10. In just two weeks, Bitsummit, Kyoto’s second annual indie games festival, will be live! And if you are attending, please stop by our booth! We are super excited to show something spankin’ new to the world! 
Love and peace!

    In just two weeks, Bitsummit, Kyoto’s second annual indie games festival, will be live! And if you are attending, please stop by our booth! We are super excited to show something spankin’ new to the world! 

    Love and peace!