1. Check out our newest trailer for our freshest LEAP+Oculus project — Collider!

    Trailer by Edwon. Sounds by Baiyon

  2. Collider Released!


    Attention all you furturistic Leap Motion owners. You can now download our freshest product Collider for free on PC & OSX!

    Generate dynamic visuals using hand gestures while listening to Baiyon's fresh beatz as you time-travel through the Cosmic Supercollider. Also, it is Oculus Rift supported. What’s not to love about this?

    Collider Official Site
    Collider on Airspace

  3. Curve Studios to bring Nova-111 to Consoles!


    As kids, we immersed ourselves in the magical worlds brought to us by the mysterious and wonderful console-boxes that sat connected to our television screens. We fell deeply in love and dreamt that one day we would have the ability to create our own console games and share it among the world.

    Well today, we are announcing that we are partnering up with Curve Studios to make our childhood dreams a reality. The amazing fellows at Curve Studios and us have partnered up to help bring Nova-111 to several console platforms — PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii-U!

    We look forward to our future together, which shines brighter than a thousand explosive superNOVAs. Y’all better put on some UV shades!

    Curve Partners with Funktronic Labs

  4. Nova-111 Finalist at Indiecade!

    It was announced this week that Nova-111 was nominated as a finalist in this year’s IndieCade in Culver City! ¡Que bueno!

    We’re very honored to be there, and excited to see all the cool cats in our hood of LA. We’ll keep you posted on the event details as it gets near.

    IndieCade - 2014 Games

  5. PAX Prime was Superfly!


    Exhausted and such, we’ve returned back home from our week-long extravaganza at PAX Prime in Seattle. We were fortunate enough to show our game at two booth locations in the expo: Indie MEGABOOTH as well as the PAX10.

    It is always nice to hear player’s feedback on Nova-111, and to see the gamer’s eyes light up as they enjoy our game is something that is deeply rewarding for us.

    But now that the storm has calmed a bit, it is time to get back to work. Peace out, funky friends of Funkistan.

    Btw, you can check out some photos we took during the event!

  6. Nova-111 at the Indie MEGABOOTH

    Sup friends. We announced few weeks ago that Nova-111 was selected to be part of the PAX10, but this time, we are telling you that we will were also selected to be part of Indie MEGABOOTH!

    That means that, at PAX, we will have double the booths, double the pleasure, double the fun! So please stop by either booths if you want to have a go at our game.

    Also, if you are press and want to schedule a private showing, please send an email to press@funktroniclabs.com, thank you!

  7. Our best friends at Brigade One did an amazing feature video on Funktronic Labs!

    We are the first pilot episode of “Behind the Venture”, a web series that features exciting new innovators and trailblazers that are making things happen by THEIR OWN RULES.

    Please enjoy.

  8. Nova-111 in PAX10!

     Attention Our Interdimensional Fans:

    Each year the PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) team selects 10 games to showcase at the Expo, called “PAX10”. Well, we are SUPER STOKED to announce that our game Nova-111 has been selected to be a part of the PAX10!

    We will show our game at the PAX Expo in Seattle during August 29-September 1. So see yall in Seattle in a month, so excited to exist at that location then.

    More information here.

  9. Ooh, Voxey baby!


    Spent last night messing about with WebGL/threejs. Made a little grass scene which features Ben Weatherall's voxey robbit. 

    Check it out here! (Runs in your Web browser)

  10. Things are gettin real as kalin performs The Indie Ritual at the Funky Fortress.

    Things are gettin real as kalin performs The Indie Ritual at the Funky Fortress.